Single Unit Reel SU 15

  • Model: SU 15
  • Additional: Portable
Handy-to-carry Single Unit Reel. 
Takes up very little space but supports the heaviest roll of wire. Handles unwieldy metallic cable with amazing facility. Romex and similar cables come off the Reel without a twist...ready to be installed flat for a superneat job. All HYKON Reels have machined axles for friction-free rotation. Durable enamel finish.  The 15-inch size reels take coils of wire up to No. 8. The 18-inch size also handles the coils of large diameter, loom, heavy wire and light cable. 15" Disc Diameter. 4-1/2" to 12-1/2" Adjustment for Coil Eye. Coil Width to 4-1/2" wide

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