Cable Meter

  • Model: HCM
  • Material: Wire & Cable
  • Size: Up to 2"
Flexible materials up to 2" in diameter are measured by the HYKON Cable Meter, Model HCM. 
The wire or cable passes over an accurately machined steel roller which is connected by a direct drive to the digital counter. Clear, large numerals on the counter indicate the measurement in feet and inches from 0 to 1000 feet. It is easy to re-set the counter to zero. A sturdy shield protects the counter from damage. Tension is maintained on the wire by two sturdy springs connected to the upper or tension wheel. Convenient handle permits easy release of this tension when wire or cable is to be inserted or removed. A swivel wire guide is built into the meter to center smaller strands over the wheel. Oilless bearings and rugged construction assure long, trouble-free service. Meter is 12" high x 7" x 7".

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